POIESIS: una banca dati di filosofia (con accesso gratuito agli indici dei fascicoli)


POIESIS è un servizio di informazione bibliografica a pagamento che consente di effettuare ricerche sul testo pieno dei fascicoli di oltre 50 riviste di filosofia, per un totale di circa 36.000 tra articoli e recensioni. Il numero delle riviste indicizzate  è in continua crescita.

Gli utenti “ospiti”, ovvero tutti coloro che non possono accedere alla banca dati tramite abbonamento, hanno comunque libero accesso agli indici (TOC = tables of contents) degli oltre 1.000 fascicoli di rivista che sono già stati sottoposti a spoglio. Viene richiesta una registrazione online al momento dell’accesso.


“POIESIS is a subscription based reference and publishing service offering searchable access to the full text of hundreds of current, recent, and back issues of a growing number of philosophy journals and series. Every word in every available issue is fully searchable, including thousands of articles, book reviews, and dissertation listings, as well as all abstracts, footnotes, and bibliographic listings. Uniquely structured around dozens of philosophy titles, POIESIS includes journals and series published by philosophical societies, departments, university presses, and commercial publishers in several countries. While annual subscriptions to POIESIS are only available to institutions, the tables of contents of all issues in the database are freely available to all visitors who register here.

POIESIS now contains over 2,400 issues and 350,000 pages of text from 55 journals and series, and most of these are not available in electronic format from any other service. Put another way, the project currently contains the complete content of approximately 36,000 articles and reviews. POIESIS will ultimately contain the fulltext of 100 journals and series, and more than 70 journals have already been licensed for the project.

Registered visitors may search or browse the tables of contents of over 1000 journal issues here. You can start by clicking the Browse Tables of Contents link below or by searching the Author or Title fields. Every word in the tables of contents has been indexed. Access to searchable full text in this system is restricted to subscribing institutions. Navigation links on the left border of this page for Search and Browse capabilities are also only active for subscribing institutions”.

URL: <http://poiesis.nlx.com/index.cfm>

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