Philosopher’s Digest


Philosopher’s Digest è un servizio online che seleziona articoli di filosofia pubblicati su riviste correnti e li recensiona. Scopo del sito è fornire una quadro sugli aggiornamenti più interessanti nel campo della ricerca filosofica, incoraggiando al tempo stesso il confronto e la discussione tra gli studiosi. Inaugurato all’inizio del 2009, il sito si avvale della collaborazione di un gruppo di recensori esperti. Sono disponibili anche i feed RSS per essere sempre informati sulle ultime recensioni inserite.

Philosopher’s Digest is an online service which offers reviews of current philosophy articles. Its aim is to provide scholars with an easier way to stay abreast of the philosophical literature, while at the same time encouraging (and providing a forum for) discussion. Founded early in 2009, the site has a pool of reviewers who commit to providing three to four reviews a year. The reviews are quite substantial (indeed, at around 700 to 1000 words each, they are longer than many book reviews published in journals), offering a precis of the argument, and sometimes also criticism or response. Other users of the site are encouraged to add their thoughts using the comment function, although at time of review this feature did not appear to be particularly widely used. The site is well presented and easy to navigate: one can search, or browse by journal title or keyword. RSS feeds of the site content are available”.

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