Digital Locke Project: edizione critica dei manoscritti di John Locke

The Digital Locke Project è un’iniziativa che si prefigge lo scopo di rendere accessibile anche in rete l’edizione critica dei manoscritti del filosofo inglese John Locke. Al momento sono disponibili 34 testi che fanno riferimento all’opera An Essay Concerning Human Understanding.

Il sito offre le trascrizioni dei manoscritti ma non le riproduzioni digitalizzate degli originali: per ogni testo vengono fornite una trascrizione normalizzata e una trascrizione diplomatica, che include correzioni, note a margine ecc. Vengono anche fornite descizioni dettagliate che riportano le caratteristiche fisiche dei manoscritti.
Su tutti i testi possono essere condotte ricerche a testo pieno.

The ‘Digital Locke Project’ is a pilot project that makes a start with a scholarly text edition of the manuscripts of the British philosopher John Locke (1632-1704) in the form of an XML-encoded database that is used simultaneously for an online version and the printed version of the manuscripts. Locke’s most influential work is An Essay concerning Human Understanding. He produced several drafts of this work in the nearly two decades prior to its publication and he continued producing additions, corrections and other related material after the first edition had appeared in 1689. During its first phase the ‘Digital Locke Project’ concentrates on the manuscripts produced after the first publication of the Essay until Locke’s death in 1704. The database includes a transcription of the manuscripts with text-critical apparatus, historical and philosophical notes, a precise description of all relevant manuscripts, and a reconstruction of the genesis of the texts. The database reflects the often complicated structure of a single text that is based on more than one manuscript, and one single manuscript containing several texts. The database is accessible in the present online version and provides tools for accessing text-critical information and sophisticated text searching. At the same time, the database will be used for a printed version, Volume III of the Drafts for the Essay concerning Human Understanding, and other Philosophical Writings (eds Paul Schuurman and G.A.J. Rogers). This volume will appear in the Clarendon Edition of the Works of John Locke. The ‘Digital Locke Project’ is supported by Oxford University Press and the Board of the Clarendon Locke Edition.

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