Srebrenica: un dossier del Netherlans Institute for War Documentation

Nel novembre 1996 l’Istituto olandese per la documentazione di guerra (Nederlands Instituut voor Oorlogsdocumentatie – NIOD) fu incaricato dal governo olandese di condurre uno studio sugli eventi precedenti, contemporanei e successivi al massacro di Srebrenica. L’ampio dossier, interamente consultabile online, è stato reso pubblico il 10 aprile 2002.

In November 1996, the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation (NIOD) was instructed by the Dutch Government to carry out a study of ‘the events prior to, during and after the fall of Srebrenica’. For the purposes of this independent historical analytical research, the Government undertook to do everything in its power to grant the NIOD researchers access to the source material at its disposal. On 10 April 2002, this report was made public with the presentation of the first copy to the Minister of Education, Culture and Science, L.M.L.H.A. Hermans M.A., as representative of the Government.

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