Archives Portal Europe

E’ stato presentato il sito pilota, in versione beta, del futuro Portale degli Archivi d’Europa (Archives Portal Europe), progetto del consorzio APEnet sostenuto dalla Commissione Europea e compreso nel programma eContemplus.

Al momento è possibile eseguire ricerche sul posseduto di 47 istituzioni, per un totale di 7.794.952 unità descrittive e 725.406 oggetti archivistici digitali.

Paesi partecipanti: Repubblica ceca, Germania, Grecia, Spagna, Francia, Irlanda, Lituania, Malta, Olanda, Polonia, Finlandia, Slovenia, Svezia, Portogallo, Belgio, Bulgaria, Estonia. Assente l’Italia.

This is the pilot installation of the future Archives Portal Europe. It provides access to information on archival material from currently 17 European countries as well as information on archival institutions throughout the continent. Between now and January 15th 2012, this installation will develop both technically and in terms of content addition and we welcome your feedback which can be sent using the contact form.

Within the Archives Portal Europe, the Advanced Search section allows combined searches across national and regional materials. In addition to a simple full text search for content that can be precisely defined, the portal offers an advanced search option concentrating on certain aspects of the material such as the dates of creation and use. Furthermore, a navigated search allows users to browse through the archival material and thereby detect and explore contents of which they might not otherwise have been aware.

When archival material of interest for one’s research has been identified and it comes to planning a visit on-site to consult the original material, the Directory section of the Archives Portal Europe – containing contact details, opening hours and services offered by the different institutions – can be consulted. The directory not only includes those institutions already presenting their archival material in the Archives Portal Europe, but also other institutions from the participating countries whose content is not yet available in the portal.

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