Jewish Survivors of the Holocaust: testimonianze orali di ebrei inglesi sopravvissuti alla Shoah

La collezione di registrazioni sonore della British Library (BL Archival Sound Recordings) comprende una raccolta di 65 testimonianze di ebrei sopravvissuti alla Shoah.

Tutti i file audio delle interviste raccolte sono liberamente accessibili senza restrizioni.

Sono disponibili anche i file con le trascrizioni integrali di tutti gli interventi.

These recordings are powerful personal accounts of the Holocaust from Jewish survivors living in Britain

The testimonies on this site are drawn from a major oral history programme – The Living Memory of the Jewish Community – which between 1987 and 2000 gathered 186 audio life story interviews with Jewish survivors of the Holocaust and their children. It was initiated by National Life Stories based in the BL’s oral history section and funded by a number of organisations including the Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation, the John S Cohen Foundation and the Porjes Charitable Trust. A large number of volunteer interviewers, led by Jennifer Wingate and Bill Williams, were recruited and trained, and recordings were made with a wide range of survivors from many parts of Nazi-occupied Europe, with pre-war refugees (such as Kindertransport child migrants) and a smaller number of children of survivors.

The testimonies available for online access via ASR have been chosen for their representativeness but also because they are amongst the most detailed, engaging and moving of the interviews recorded. Some also feature in an online educational resource – Voices of the Holocaust – available through the BL Learning website.

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