Irish History Online: repertorio bibliografico sulla storia dell’Irlanda

Irish History Online è un repertorio bibliografico che indicizza documenti pubblicati sulla storia dell’Irlanda, dalla preistoria ai nostri giorni. Contiene i riferimenti bibliografici relativi a volumi, saggi pubblicati in volumi (compresi atti di convegni e scritti in onore di… ), articoli pubblicati in riviste. Il repertorio contiene circa 75.000 record bibliografici (dati aggiornati a novembre 2011) ed è consultabile online gratuitamente.

Irish History Online is an authoritative guide (in progress) to what has been written about Irish history from earliest times to the present. It currently contains over 75,000 bibliographic records (November 2011).

Irish History Online includes bibliographic information on books and pamphlets, articles from journals published in Ireland or internationally, and chapters from books of essays, including Festschriften and conference proceedings.

Searches can be made by author/editor, by title or keyword from title, by subject, by journal title or series, or by publication details. Irish History Online is an essential resource for the study of Irish history at any level, and is free of charge to users.

Irish History Online is now hosted by the Royal Irish Academy Library (Dublin). Irish History Online is compiled, managed and regularly updated by a small team of voluntary editors and compilers.

Irish History Online is part of a European network of fifteen historical bibliographies from thirteen countries.

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