Bibliografia sulla Storia della Germania: die Jahresberichte für deutsche Geschichte

E’ consultabile online il più importante repertorio bibliografico sulla storia della Germania:  die Jahresberichte für deutsche Geschichte.

La banca dati, accessibile gratuitamente, viene aggiornata con cadenza giornaliera. Contiene tutte i riferimenti bibliografici indicizzati dal 1974 ad oggi. Al momento il repertorio contiene circa 516.000 titoli di pubblicazioni (monografie, articoli, bibliografie, edizioni di fonti primarie ecc.)  relative alla storia della Germania [dati aggiornati a dicembre 2011].

Qui un excursus sulla storia del Jahresberichte für deutsche Geschichte.

The Jahresberichte für deutsche Geschichte list German- and foreign-language academic publications. This is the most comprehensive subject bibliography of its kind. Monographs, edited volumes (including individual contributions), periodical articles, source editions, reference works and bibliographies are registered. If possible, literature that is not distributed via the publication market is also included. Works in neighbouring disciplines as well as the historical ancillary sciences are taken into account if relevant to German history.

Only a limited range of literature pertaining to local history is admitted. In order to obtain a complete bibliography, searchers in these areas are advised to also consult the respective regional bibliographies or the meta-search engine Virtuelle Deutsche Landesbibliographie.

Cataloguing is closely geared to the standard German cataloguing rules for academic libraries (Regeln für die alphabetische Katalogisierung in wissenschaftlichen Bibliotheken, RAK-WB).

I primi volumi del repertorio (vol. 1-14), relativi ai documenti pubblicati tra il 1925 e il 1938, sono stati digitalizzati e sono disponibili sul sito della Berlin-Brandenburgischen Akademie der Wissenschaften.

The Jahresberichte volumes for the years under review 1925 to 1938, which appeared from 1927 to 1940, impressively document the development of German historical scholarship in the Weimar Republic and in Nazi Germany. During this time the Jahresberichte were not a bibliography in the pure form, but also a forum for detailed research reports. The reports and the employed classification reflect the shift from the Weimar Republic to the Nazi dictatorship as well as the reactions of eminent representatives of the discipline. Online publication makes this material available for modern research.

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